About Us

Talk On, LLC believes that communication creates connections and we take family-centered services seriously.

Speech-language therapy is about more than just saying words, it’s about communicating in order to connect with the people that we love. 

We are dedicated to providing highly  individualized, creative, engaging and evidence based speech and language therapy.

Please contact us at slp@talkon.org or call at (330) 846-1800 to make an appointment today!


Whether your child needs help correctly producing sounds, has difficulty understanding directions, needs help communicating effectively with their family, uses or needs a device to communicate, etc. or if you are an adult who’s voice doesn’t sound the way it used to, you want to change your accent, or you are having trouble with memory/attention and communication, we are here to help.

We look past the surface skills or behaviors and develop meaningful relationships with clients and their families. By building on current strengths, we can help clients develop rich and effective communication skills.

*Talk On, LLC is in network with many insurance companies and is a Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Provider. Please see our insurance/Payment page for more information. 


Talk On, LLC is offering in person

AND telepractice (online) therapy services.

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Phone: 330-846-1800

Fax: 330-286-9808

Contact us today and one of our staff will respond within 24 hours.

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