Telepractice Services:

Talk On provides telepractice or online therapy as convenient way for adults and children to receive therapy services in their home.

We use Zoom, a secure video meeting platform, for all telepractice sessions.

Talk On also provides the following services through telepractice:

  • Accent modification

    • Accent modification (also known as accent reduction) will help you be better understood by others at work or home.

  • Parent coaching/training

    • Parent coaching or training is used to optimize child outcomes and increase carry over from direct therapy sessions. Online sessions allow you increased flexibility and convenience. Our program uses adult learning principles to best help you provide appropriate communication support to your children between therapy sessions. We use video model and video review to speed outcomes.

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication

    • Functional communication using multiple modes of communicating including speech output devices and iPads for individuals such as those with autism spectrum disorders, language delay, severe speech impairment and others for whom speech alone is not meeting needs for communication

  • Cognitive-Communicative Intervention

    • Communication and language impairments in adults and children with neurological impairments, such as Aphasia, Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Early Literacy Development

    • Pre-reading and pre-writing skills for children

  • Fluency

    • Stuttering, problems using fluent, smooth speech 

    • Language-Based Academic Support in Reading and Writing

    • Language-related skills important to school success

  • Language Development

    • Understanding and Using language; learning to understand and says words and beyond

  • Social Communication

    • Use and interpret appropriate social communication in interactions with others

  • Speech Sound Development and Articulation

    • Clear and understandable speech

  • Voice Disorders

    • Healthy voice for speaking and singing for those with vocal dysfunction