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Telepractice Services:

Talk On provides telepractice or online therapy as convenient way for adults and children to receive therapy services in their home.

Talk On also provides the following services through telepractice:

  • Accent modification

    • Accent modification (also known as accent reduction) will help you be better understood by others at work or home.

  • Parent coaching/training

    • Parent coaching or training is used to optimize child outcomes and increase carry over from direct therapy sessions. Online sessions allow you increased flexibility and convenience. Our program uses adult learning principles to best help you provide appropriate communication support to your children between therapy sessions. We use video reviews to increase skill analysis and use.

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication
    AAC includes alternative ways to communicate other than spoken words, including speech output devices and IPads, written language, sign language and gestures.

  • Cognitive-Communicative Intervention
    Adults and children may have neurological impairments, such as Aphasia, Dementia, or Traumatic Brain Injury and other brain-based communication problems. We work with people with these problems to help restore communication, memory, and thinking skills.

  • Early Literacy Development
    Children who have spoken language delays are at risk for reading and writing failure because spoken and written language are closely related. Pre-reading and pre-writing skills for those children are added in to spoken language and speech intervention as needed.

  • Fluency
    Stuttering, or problems using fluent, smooth speech can cause disruption to the flow of communication. We use well-tested methods to help increase fluency.

  • Language Skills for Academic Environments
    Sometimes, speech and language delays cause a problem with academic performance. We provide Language-Based Academic Support in Reading and Writing and work on language-related skills important to school success.

  • Language Development
    We evaluate and provide therapy for understanding and using language.

  • Social Communication
    Sometimes, the social aspect of language, otherwise known as pragmatic language, can be a challenge. We provide support for perspective taking, advocacy, self awareness during social communication opportunities, and engaging in problem solving. We also put a strong emphasis on determining and communicating when social communication is not welcome.

  • Speech Sound Development and Articulation
    Most of us develop speech skills so easily that we don't even think about it. For some children and adults, it's hard to achieve clear, understandable speech. We provide training and family support to build speech to be more understandable

  • Voice Disorders
    Use of a healthy voice for speaking and singing for those with vocal dysfunction can reflect problems with vocal folds and impact communication effectiveness. We provide a variety of voice therapy approaches, and are certified in Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT), an internationally recognized voice therapy approach.

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